MYHIXEL Sleeve Replacement


Replacement anatomical sleeve for the MYHIXEL I device. Valid for the MYHIXEL I device, to be used while advancing in your program included in MYHIXEL MED or MYHIXEL TR. Ideal for use as a replacement for the sleeve included with the MYHIXEL I device. Its design, material and characteristics make the anatomical MYHIXEL sleeve a unique male product in the market.
Thanks to its anatomically realistic design by doctors and engineers as well as its manufacture with high-end materials you will experience the most realistic feeling you have ever experienced. Its neutral opening and colour make the MYHIXEL Anatomical Sleeve a product with a discreet and functional design that will surprise you.
High Quality Material
the anatomical sleeve is made of thermoplastic elastomer, a high-end, hypoallergenic and odourless material that respects your skin as it does not contain phthalates. Its use is suitable for all men.
the anatomical MYHIXEL sleeve is discreet, flexible, extremely soft and adaptable. It adapts to your anatomy to provide a highly realistic experience. It does not cause allergies or irritations. Durable and very easy to clean.
Thanks to the high quality of the materials of the Anatomical Sleeve MYHIXEL can last for years if maintained properly. We recommend cleaning it with MYHIXEL Cleaner, as it is the best cleaner, and avoiding the use of soap so as not to deteriorate.

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The pleasure device has an exclusively-designed interior, created by our team of sexologists and technicians to maximize your pleasure. Thanks to its anatomical design with high-end materials you will experience the most realistic penetration experience on the market, giving you greater sexual pleasure. Unlike other existing products, the MYHIXEL Anatomical Sleeve has been designed and manufactured so that you feel the same sensations as you would during real penetration. Its neutral opening and color give the MYHIXEL Anatomical Sleeve a discreet and functional design, with a surprisingly pleasant interior, which is flexible, adaptable and tremendously soft. It can be used by all men, irrespective of size. To give you even more enjoyment, we have manufactured this sleeve with hypoallergenic, odorless and non-toxic materials for your skin. It contains no phthalates and is very easily cleaned.

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