About Us

Mens Health Downunder is proudly owned and operated by a group of Australian pharmacists who have been in the pharmaceutical and medical industry for in excess of 20 years. The company was founded in 2015 owing to a lack of reliable and cost effective endorsed medical grade treatments for men who were going through what could be considered one of the most turbulent times of their lives.

What we’ve noticed from time to time, is that our patients reported being prescribed treatment plans by their urologists or general practitioners that required the use of certain devices and products aimed at post prostatectomy rehabilitation or for erectile dysfunction (often where the patient has other health concerns such as high blood pressure, multiple medications, diabetes and more).

What we’ve found was that: Patients were often buying the wrong equipment; poorly constructed, and frequently inappropriate for their intended use. This pertains more so to the purchase of vacuum erection devices aka pumps. Beyond this, there was a distinct lack of understanding of both what they needed to do and WHY, what could be considered a realistic expectation, how to talk about it with their partner and often their GP and where to go when things weren’t going as perhaps they’d thought or hoped they would.

In order to procure such prescribed devices, patients were often directed towards sex shops or the internet. The advice provided by poorly trained and service indifferent sales staff in such stores was often either non-existent, inappropriate or simply incorrect. Even when people managed to buy the “appropriately suited” equipment, the advice that they received with regards to correct usage was often non-existent or confusing. The result of this was that the patient was left frustrated and confused; the end point being the purchase of an expensive device that was never used.

Our website offers patients the complete solution at a competitive price from a highly regarded profession – we are pharmacists and we are passionate about what we do – maximising outcomes for our patients. Not only does this reduce embarrassment but it breaks down the stigma and allows for questions to be asked, again ensuring best outcomes for the patient. Every transaction via Mens Health Downunder results in the patient being contacted by one of our pharmacists to ensure results and safety are optimised.

Most recently our focus has been on our role as the Australian Distributors for Andromedical medical devices including the Pos-T-Vac incontinence clamp, the Androvacuum Pump (aka Pos-T-Vac vacuum erection device) and the Andropenis device. Andromedical is an American manufacturer of a range of medical grade, urological products designed to assist men in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and rehabilitation post prostatectomy. Their products are FDA approved in the USA, CE approved in Europe and most importantly TGA approved in Australia.

As pharmacists, our passion is Mens Health; namely men’s urological health – an issue too often treated as off limits. Accordingly we look to provide quality rehabilitation solutions for all men for and their urological health concerns.

We would be more than willing to discuss in detail any of the products in our range.  Please feel free to email or call us on 02 6288 1867.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mens Health Downunder Team