MYHIXEL Hands-Free Accessory


The MYHIXEL hands-free accessory is the ideal complement to your MYHIXEL I device, whether you are using the programme included in MYHIXEL MED or MYHIXEL TR. With the hands-free accessory you can enjoy a more complete, safe and realistic experience while performing any of the programs included in the MYHIXEL Play app.


The MYHIXEL handsfree accessory is designed to allow you to attach your MYHIXEL I device to a smooth surface and ensure a totally safe experience with greater freedom of movement. You will be able to stand and move your hips calmly as well as use your hands as you wish while performing the exercises and activities included in MYHIXEL MED or MYHIXEL TR.

Different positions

You can modulate the height and tilt of the MYHIXEL I device to have the most realistic experience possible and enjoy every time you use your MYHIXEL I.


This hands-free accessory allows you to fix your device comfortably and easily, without the risk of falling, on a smooth surface.


Especially recommended for the activities of the last stages of MYHIXEL MED or MYHIXEL TR. You will need a fixing point to carry out your challenges and the hands-free accessory is ideal for you to overcome them.

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This adjustable accessory with suction cups allows you to securely attach your MYHIXEL I device to a smooth surface. It’s a perfect complement that will help you enjoy a more pleasant and realistic experience. It’s specifically designed so that you can replicate the movements and sensations of sexual intercourse while using your MYHIXEL I. This accessory allows you to easily and securely fix your device onto a smooth surface, without there being any risk of it falling. In doing so, you’ll be able to use your hands however you want and for whatever you want. It’ll allow you to further simulate a real penetration, giving your hands freedom of movement while carrying out the exercises and activities. All of this will improve the sensation and overall experience.


The accessory is made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), a type of plastic that is characterized by its impressive impact resistance.

  • Hook-less grip system.
  • Extra strong suction cup to ensure a perfect grip on a smooth surface.
  • Black colour.
  • Adjustable hands-free.

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