PeniMaster® Pro – Weight Expander System


PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander System is bodybuilding for the penis.

*Glans Chamber not included and can be purchased separately here.

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The weight pulling force for PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander System exerts a defined and consistent pulling force on the penis, which is stretched vertically downward. Weights start with 250 grams (g), then can add incrementally 125g weights. Weights up to 1250g are included PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander System.

PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander, Simple application, greatest safety!

The specially produced, solid round weights made of stainless steel are screwed to a base weight of 250g for the adjustment of the weight on the penis. By combining the weights, defined pulling forces, up to the recommended maximum load of 1250g, can be adjusted in steps of 125 g (contained in scope of supply, can be expanded by additional weights). PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander System is bodybuilding for the penis. Product advantages of the PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander System:
  • uses the patented PeniMaster® PRO Basis (self-adjusted anatomical connection with the glans of the penis)
  • static weights for defined, consistent pulling force
  • integral safety concept
  • slim, combinable weights
  • sensible gradations of pulling force
  • intuitive application
  • no pressure on the pubic bone
  • no counter bearing on the shaft of the penis

Important PeniMaster® PRO Weight Expander features:

  • patented physiological-anatomic bio function design
  • supported by combined vacuum, adhesion, and positive-locking fit!
  • can be used with gliding oil optionally!
  • adapts to the glans without squeezing or deforming it
  • suitable for each penis size, for circumcised and uncircumcised men
  • foreskin and lymph protection
  • can be used with belt or rods as penis expander
  • immediately pleasant without familiarisation
  • can be attached even without the pump ball, simple handling
  • easy cleansing, ideal hygiene
A recent study concludes:

“The use of the PeniMaster® PRO – Penile Traction Therapy, a non-invasive treatment and provides a significant reduction in the curvature, an increase in penile length and a significant improvement of the symptoms and bother induced by Peyronie’s Disease.” (Moncado et al. BJU International 2018)
Download the step-by step PeniMaster® PRO Instruction Guide

Additional information

Weight 1420 g
Dimensions 13 × 19 × 6 cm

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