Learn to decide when to ejaculate and reach the next level in your sex life.

MYHIXEL TR is the ideal solution to improve your sexual well-being through ejaculatory control. It is designed for all men who usually last more than three minutes before ejaculating. You can use it to avoid an occasional lack of climax control – which can be influenced by external factors such as stress or anxiety – or to learn new skills in bed.

Choose this solution if:

  •  You want to have full control over ejaculation and enjoy sex more.
  •  You want to learn new skills in bed.
  •  You feel that stress or anxiety often influences your sex life.
  •  You experience an occasional lack of ejaculatory control.

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MYHIXEL TR is a scientific methodology that consists of a program of exercises and activities that teach you how to control your ejaculation. We are not only a vibrator for men, MYHIXEL TR goes further, it greatly enhances your sexual experience and satisfaction in a natural way. You can take your sex life to the next level. No pills or delaying sprays. Control your ejaculation and decide how long you want to have sex. No side effects. It is ideal for men who want to improve their sexual relations and be able to decide when to ejaculate. It is also for men who occasionally have difficulty controlling their ejaculation in times of stress or anxiety. It is ideal whether you are single or in a couple. Improve your performance while you enjoy your sex life!
What does MYHIXEL TR include?
The MYHIXEL Play app with the Play TR program + MYHIXEL I device.
The Play TR program
The Play TR program is activated within the MYHIXEL Play app. It’s a guided programme to learn how to control your climax and therefore boost your performance and improve your sex life, designed by expert sexologists. It is an enjoyable experience that allows you to acquire new skills to improve your sex life, through specific guided and monitored activities, and therefore allows you to see your progress. Anonymous and secure to protect your privacy. MYHIXEL Play is an app available in the App Store and Google Play.
What you get
When you purchase MYHIXEL TR, you will receive the MYHIXEL I device: an innovative pleasure device specifically designed to be used with the Play TR program and thus obtain the best results for developing men’s full sexual potential.
Play TR Program
For men who:
  • If you ejaculate in more than three minutes, but want to get new skills and decide when to ejaculate.
  • You want to have full control over ejaculation and enjoy more.
  • You want to learn new skills in bed
  • You feel that stress or anxiety influences your sexual relations
  • You experience occasional lack of ejaculatory control
Triple men’s stamina. The results of this method have proven to triple the duration of users’ sexual intercourses. Scientific background. A group of sexual health specialists have participated in both the design of the device and the exercise program. Proven results. Based on Scientific Research since 2015. Discreet and elegant. The MYHIXEL I device has been designed to be discreet and sleek. This is not just a sex toy. Innovative design, cutting-edge technology, high quality materials, exercise and game programs make MYHIXEL a complete sexual experience and not just a sex toy. Forget about tedious manuals. Exercises included in the research have been transformed into an online game program developed by expert game developers.

What's in the box?
  1. Device MYHIXEL I
  2. Instructions & Technical Sheet
  3. MYHIXEL Play TR Activation Card
  4. MYHIXEL Lube
  5. Charging Cable
Dimensions of MYHIXEL I
Length 113 mm (4.45 inches) Width 113 mm (4.45 inches) Height 203 mm (8 inches) Diameter 91 mm (3.58 inches) Weight with lid 630 grams (22.22 oz) Weight without lid 560 grams (19,875 oz)(during use)
Manufacturing materials
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (Silicone)
  • ABS
  • Lithium battery
  • Washable materials

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