Uriclak Incontinence Penis Clamp



Take control of male urinary incontinence with the Uriclak® Male Incontinence Penis Clamp

  • Effectively stops male leaks and dribbles common after prostate and pelvic surgery
  • Comfortable penis clamp; easy to use and fully adjustable to size
  • No need to remove to urinate, simply press the sides
  • Soft cover is comfortable against skin
  • Includes 4 pairs of pressure regulators for comfortable sizing

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The Uriclak® Incontinence Clamp, manufactured by Uriclak®, is a non-invasive penis clamp and an effective incontinence control device. It provides a comfortable, direct squeeze to close the urethra off and prevent urine leakage. It may help avoid urinary catheterisation or need for external urinary collection bags. The Uriclak® device does not integrate clips or clasps to secure the clamp. The incontinence clamp opens without a locking or external release mechanism. The user simply squeezes the sides of the device, creating a circular opening wide enough for the penis to be inserted. By slowly releasing the sides, the ring flattens around the penis, effectively closing off the urethra. The Uriclak® will stay in one spot after closing because of the semi circular positioning bars built into the inside of ring. They keep the clamp from rotating and hold the top of the penis in line so the bottom cushion will be appropriately raised against the urethra. To release and allow urine to flow again, one simply has to squeeze the sides and the Uriclak to open it back up and allow urine to pass through the urethra. Uriclak® uses soft medical approved material (USP class VI) made of resilient and flexible material. In addition to phenomenal flex, the clamp does not contain foam, which is sometimes problematic picking up moisture or urine prone to causing odor or foam breakdown over time. This device features a universal design that will fit almost any anatomy. The included pins can be used to create more space for a more comfortable fit. The larger the pin, the lower amount of pressure will be pressed against you. If you find that there is not enough pressure, you can use surgical tape to wrap around the raised area at the bottom, which will apply additional pressure to your urethra.


  • Men who suffer from incontinence after prostate surgery
  • Older men who may have some loss of urinary control
  • It may work well for those who have a mental or physical disability and is supervised by another person


  • The clamp does not prevent blood flow to the penis
  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Highly flexible and adjustable for comfort
  • Includes spacers and pins to adjust clamp tightness
  • Lightweight and has a neutral color as to not attract attention
  • No clamps or clasps required
  • No sharp edges or hinges that could pinch
  • Effectively prevents leakage from the urethra, even during movement
  • It will not absorb moisture or include foam that has a tendency to draw odours

    • Product Number: URICLAK
    • Color: Neutral beige
    • Product Weight: 0.04 pounds
    • Application: To prevent urinary incontinence in men
    • Manufacturer: Uriclak, Uriklak

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