Post-Vasectomy Bundle

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All the products in one place to make your Post-Vasectomy recovery as smooth as possible.

Optional includes:

  • Sapyen Post-Vasectomy Test
  • Snowballs Underwear
  • BodyAssist Scrotal Support Underwear
  • Medi-Pak Hot/Cold Reusable Pack with Cover
  • Panadol Minicaps 500mg 48 Capsules
  • Nurofen 200mg 48 Tablets

Sapyen® Post-Vasectomy Test

A Sapyen semen analysis is a thorough and extensive evaluation of your sperm, providing you with a detailed understanding of your reproductive health. Our analysis is conducted in partnership with leading NATA-accredited labs, ensuring the highest level of quality and precision.


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We collect your date of operation so that we can send the Sapyen Post Vasectomy Test 12 weeks post op to you.

We collect your Doctor’s name so that they can be informed of the test result.

Snowballs Underwear – optional

The scientifically backed cooling underwear designed to naturally improve male fertility and testosterone, as well as to relieve scrotal pain

Package includes:
  • 2 pair of certified organic cotton boxer-briefs, blended with 5% elastane for the perfect stretch.
  • 3 SnowWedges, so you'll always have one available. SnowWedges are ready to go after an hour in your freezer and will keep you cool for at least 30 minutes.
  • 1 booklet, A Gentleman's Guide to Cooling, which gives you some background on the science and tips on what guys can do to maximize their fertility.

Body Assist Scrotal/Testicular Support – optional

For post surgical conditions and before injury. Supports the cremaster muscle. Allows complete freedom of movement. Ventilated elastic for cool, comfortable and extended use. Can be worn during sport. Completely washable and hygienic. Helps to relieve the STRAIN and FATIGUE of swollen/sagging testicles.


Medi-pak® Small Reusable Hot/Cold Pack with Cover – optional

The Medi-Pak is widely used for minor sports injuries, bruising, period pain and arthritis discomfort. It is excellent for headaches and migraines, the reduction of swelling and muscle fatigue.

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Panadol® Mini Caps for Pain Relief Paracetamol 500mg 48 – optional

Mini Caps are an easy to swallow pain relief option from Australia's Most Trusted Pain Relief Brand.* The small capsule-shaped tablets have a smooth gelatin coating for easy swallowing. Like other Panadol products, Panadol Mini Caps are gentle on the stomach.
*Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Survey Australia, 2018

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Nurofen Pain Relief Tablets Ibuprofen 200mg 48 – optional

Nurofen Tablets offer effective relief from pain.

For many years, Nurofen has provided millions of people with fast, effective pain relief.

With its active ingredient ibuprofen, Nurofen tablets help to reduce inflammation and provides up to 8 hours of pain relief based on a 2 tablet dose.


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