Andromedical [Andropenis] Penis Extender


Andropenis® is a patented high grade medical penis extender/straightener with hospital studies underpinning its results. The Andropenis® penis extender/straightener has been designed for patients with peyronie’s disease or for those wanting to enlarge their penis for medical reasons. With the aim of improving results and safety of the treatment, Andromedical has designed the Andropenis® penis extender/straightener device to allow patients to enjoy a healthy sexual life.

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A word on compounded specialist products: we are able to offer patients all their specialist prescribed unique and tailored products; troches, lozenges, injections, gels, combination capsules and so on. If you need any of these products please upload your script and we will liaise with you.

Additional information

Weight 351 g
Dimensions 11 × 16 × 7 cm

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