Steady Freddy Delay Spray


We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve basically created the holy grail of delay sprays for men.

Last longer & perform better with our clinically tested delay spray.

  • Increase satisfaction for both of you.
  • Easy to use & highly effective.

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About the Spray

Steady Freddy is a clinically tested and doctor-created lidocaine-based delay spray uniquely formulated to reduce overstimulation without eliminating men’s sensation.

Why you Need It

Steady Freddy Delay Spray is for every man who wants to last longer in bed, whether due to clinical premature ejaculation or simply the natural desire to last longer.

Doctor Formulated

Steady Freddy Delay Spray is formulated by our founder Dr. David Reiner, a board-certified anesthesiologist. Steady Freddy was developed during a four-year testing period to ensure the highest effectiveness. Having administered anesthesias to over 17,000 patients throughout his career, David understands how precisely dosed anesthetics affect the human body.

How to Use

SPRAY – spray to the underside of the top (head) of the penis WAIT – give the spray time (5 – 10 minutes) to start working PLAY – get down to business and enjoy For further information you can visit the Steady Freddy How to use page.

Direct application

The Steady Freddy spray is applied to the most sensitive areas of the penis, rather than the entire head and shaft, retaining pleasurable sensation. Learn more here.

Proven formula

Using proven ingredients (lidocaine) with a comfort improved formulation, Steady Freddy delay spray is regulatory approved and medically backed by hundreds of healthcare professionals Australia-wide.

No partner transfer

Don’t worry. When used as directed, Steady Freddy’s revolutionary evaporative technology (EVAPO™) ensures that there is minimal to nil partner-transfer. Better for everyone.

What is lidocaine?

It is the most widely used local anaesthetic in the world largely because of it's safety profile. Lidocaine works by reducing sensitivity to the skin tissue. When it’s applied to your penis, lidocaine pulls back a little on your sensitivity levels during foreplay and penetrative sex. The idea is that you build sensation and arousal steadily during sex. That's exactly why we called it Steady Freddy.

Why is EVAP™ important?

The incorporation of evaporative technology is a medical game-changer. It ensures maximum effectiveness for the user and ensures minimal partner transfer when used in accordance with the instructions.

I.m not sure how many sprays to use?

Every penis is different and our metered delivery system allows you to find your perfect dosage and levels of sensitivity. Finding the perfect number of sprays may require some experimentation on your end. We always recommend starting with 2-3 sprays and adjusting/working your way upwards (max 10 sprays).

Will it transfer to my partner?

Don’t worry. When used as directed, Steady Freddy's revolutionary evaporative technology (EVAPO™) ensures that there is minimal to nil partner-transfer, maximising the pleasure opportunity of both participants. For a premium experience, we suggest using the Steady Freddy unique Ready Wipes. This completely prevents transference by comfortably removing any excess liquid, leaving you fresh and ready to go.

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